Steve Seddon
In pursuit of a classroom that is “Totally Learned As”

I am a Science Biology teacher from Melbourne, Australia.
I am teaching at Noble Park Secondary College where I am a Leading Teacher with the responsibility of Pedagogy/eLearning.
I really love teaching.

The strategies and areas I am currently focusing on in my class are:
– Flipped Learning
– Increasing formative assessment
– Use of Learner Response Tools
– Differentiated Learning
– Developing the use of Inquiry in my Biology Lessons
– Models of working in a Flexible Space
– Using eLearning to fill Pedagogical needs

The title of my Blog comes from a quote I received in a student survey a couple of years ago. A student gave me some feedback where they said that they “got totally learned as by doing it that way”.  Apart from the interesting grammar, this quote has stuck in my mind for other reasons.  It resonates as a ‘student language’ and reminds me that the classroom is about the student experience and that the students I have in my classroom are ‘today’s learners’.  I need to meet these young people where they are at. So………..”Let’s get totally learned as” – not a bad philosophy for me to follow as well.

Personalising my classroom – 2012

Alternative link to video – Personalising my classroom

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